standard-title Home Theater Installers in Sarasota County

Home Theater Installers in Sarasota County

Home Theater – Taking Family Night To A New Level

While you may have always loved to go to your local movie theater for a night out with the family, this is a venture that has become overpriced and overcrowded. You can easily avoid the overpriced snacks and the mob by installing a theater of your own right in your home. Upfront Technologies can help you to have the best family night in Sarasota, FL. You can look to us for help with:

  • Consolidation of your equipment with universal remote setup
  • Customization of your video and audio system for your budget and needs
  • Projector or television installation complete with surround sound
  • Centralizing all equipment out of sight
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Not Tech Savvy? No Problem – We Can Walk You Through Your New System Operation

While technology is meant to make life easier, it is not always the case. We will train you on your current system and give detailed instructions on newly installed systems. When we set you up with a audio/video or home theater we include a return trip two weeks after install for refresher training!!!
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